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About SlapSwitch™

SlapSwitch™ provides solutions to some of the most active people on the planet. Runners, skiers, snow boarders, bicyclists, equestrians, mountain climbers, runners, motorcyclists, hang gliders, search and rescue, emergency response, operators, and other Smart-phone users, all benefit from the Music and Communications capabilities of their iPhones and other stereo smartphone devices, even while they are engaged in physically and mentally demanding activities.

SlapSwitch™ was born in the mountains. We are people who ski, mountain-bike, and do search and rescue. We found that our Smart-phones were a great way to stay in touch in the city, on the highway, and on the mountain. The smart-phone is also the primary way to and listen to music while on the move as well. But stopping to fumble with gloves and trying to manage the tiny buttons without dropping the phone in the snow or mud… well that was not too fun. So, we found solutions that everybody can benefit from.

All SlapSwitch™ products are compatible with standard smart-phone functions, including music-start, music-pause, music-advance, call-accept, call-terminate, Apple’s Siri voice control, and most other manufacturers voice control too. We even teach you how to turn off voice control, which is required in many situations where there is high ambient noise, like wind when you are moving very fsat. Our products are versatile too. For example the SlapSwitch™ HeadCom™ System can be installed permanently in any helmet, or worn in the Skull-cap headliner provided with the unit. You can move your system from helmet to helmet, and use it all year round for all your outdoor sporting activities.

With music and a myriad of apps that provide anything from geo-tracking/mapping (always a plus in the outback ) to Face-Time with your family, the iPhone becomes a very powerful survival tool, considering its small size and light weight. However, options for listening and speaking have been limited. SlapSwitch™ systems are designed to compliment any other kind of gear you have. All interfaces have been carefully selected to meet industry standards, so that you should be able to mix and match SlapSwitch™ devices with similarly equipped smart-phones and music players, and two-way radios.

A note to Android users:. Although SlapSwitch™ products were designed for the iPhone, we have not tested them exhaustively on every brand of Android phone. However, in almost all cases, if the 4 wire connections are all correct, which is the standard among manufacturers, there should be no problem whatsoever. Many Android users have reported that their SlapSwitch™ HeadCom™ systems worked flawlessly with their Android phones. We are very happy to hear that. But also,we do guarantee that the SlapSwitch™ products will work with Android phones too, and you are protected by our 90 day unconditional guarantee.

How we do it.

Sports MusiCom designs, develops, and produces the SlapSwitch™ brand of innovative music and communications solutions for people with active lifestyles. SlapSwitch™ products fulfill a specific need for active people; solving the problem of ear buds that always fall out and are uncomfortable, and not being able to answer calls while moving at high speeds.

SlapSwitch™ products are engineered and built to incredibly high standards, and use only the most durable and reliable components and materials.

Sports MusiCom makes the SlapSwitch™ products in Carson City, Nevada, with Lake Tahoe and the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains as our proving grounds. We love the mountains and pretty much all outdoor sports. Our goal is to deliver quality, innovative products that help people get more enjoyment out of life by eliminating needless frustrations with technology. We hope you will join us in enjoying the freedom of choice and movement that only SlapSwitch™ products can provide for the active lifestyle.

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