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  • SlapSwitch™ HeadComSystem
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SlapSwitch™ HeadComSystem

Discover the Secret that has Given Skiers and Extreme Sports Enthusiasts the Freedom to Actually LOVE Wearing A Headset with Total, Safe Control to Take Calls and Shuffle Music.

The SlapSwitch™ HeadCom System SlapSwitch™ HeadCom™ gives you the ability to hear and be heard clearly while being active all day. Considered one of the best wearable sports audio technologies of the year, offering a completely dependable platform to enjoy your favorite activity hands-free.  Headcom™ is made of a sheer spandex material that has been used extensively in the ski industry for helmet liners due to its comfort and durability, the SlapSwitch™ HeadCom™ is the best solution for anyone who needs to stay connected at all times. Equipped with high quality slimline headphones nestled securely in pockets over the ears, the SlapSwitch™ HeadCom™ delivers crystal clear sound in even the most adverse conditions. Being heard comes with ease as well, with the noise cancelling microphone featured in the chin strap of the SlapSwitch™ HeadCom.

Resting gently against the larynx the microphone picks up your voice and filters out any other external noise. For any breaks you may need to take during your day the SlapSwitch™ HeadCom™ features a convenient magnetic breakaway attachment point just below the collar. Just simply pull the magnets apart to remove the SlapSwitch™ HeadCom™ without removing any other gear to get to your phone. For the active person, who needs to be connected the SlapSwitch™ HeadCom™ is truly the only solution.

SlapSwitch™ Technology Allows Instant Control of Your Music and Communication, in any situation!

By far the star of the show is the SlapSwitch™ that allows you to mute music and take calls, or terminate calls and start music, with a simple reflex action. You wear the SlapSwitch™ in a chest pocket or in our multifunction carry case. So, lets say you are tooling along on your bike, or making some turns down you favorite run with your music setting the rhythm, and a call comes in. You think it might be your buddy giving you the heads-up on the best powder stash, or new bike route, so you want to take the call. In the old days you had to stop, and get your phone in hand to answer, or if you had the ear buds in, you would have to fumble for that tiny little switch on the headphone cord, while the thing is flapping in the wind mind you. Even if you don’t stop to take the call, you had to go through the same aggravation to stop later and retrieve the message. Well, not any more. Now the only thing you have to do is slap the SlapSwitch™. Thats right, just give the thing a gentle smack and instantly you music is paused and your call is answered. The custom noise cancelling microphone in the SkullCap chin-strap allows you to be heard, clearly, even as you ski, bike, fly, whatever. So, now you can answer the call with a simple reflex action and never interrupt your rhythm.

The SlapSwitch™ HeadCom™ System Will Work For You, we guarantee it!

  • One Touch “SlapSwitch™” starts or stops calls instantly!
  • Hear comfortably when wearing a helmet, winter hat, or headgear!
  • High quality headphones (no uncomfortable ear buds that can fall out)
  • Noise-cancelling microphone for better sound!
  • Breakaway connector – remove your helmet without unplugging!

Cable Length Switch to headset = 36"; Switch to phone = 24"
Noise-Cancelling Mic Directivity: OMNI; Sensitivty: -42 ± 3 Db; Transducer: Internal Capacitor; Signal To Noise Ratio (Min.) 60 Db
Speakers Sensitivity:110dB S.P.L at 1KHz; Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz; Materials: Magnet: NdFeb; Note: RoHS Compliant
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SlapSwitch™ HeadComSystem

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