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  • Uni – Universal Headset Adapter
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SlapSwitch™ Universal Headset Adapter

Take calls literally on the fly!

The SlapSwitch Uni™ universal headset adapter lets you use your headset of choice, providing you with a safe and accessible way to take calls and control audio. The SlapSwitch™ Uni is the best way to enjoy your favorite smart-phone headset, headphones, or headphones and microphone hands-free.

The SlapSwitch Uni™ is the perfect solution for hands free music and communications in a car, or in more demanding evironments where fumbling to answer the phone can cause accidents, serious injury, or even death. The SlapSwitch Uni™ is the solution that allows you to use any headset of your choice with your iPhone or Android smartphone and also enjoy the simplicity, speed, convenience, and safety of our SlapSwitch; technology.

Please note: The SlapSwitch Uni™ simply serves as an inline switch between your headset and smart phone. The comaptibility of your headset microphone with your phone must be established independently, as our product does not correct any problems inherent there. If you are uncertain if your current headset will work with your phone, please test it with a couple calls first, or consider buying one of our pre-tested and approved headsets guaranteed to work with your phone.

SlapSwitch Uni™ complete assembly

SlapSwitch Uni™ - Our unique SlapSwitch is ultra-thin and has a very large surface area (about 5 sq. inches) which means that you can put the SlapSwitch on your belt or in any pocket and as long as your hand can reach it, a simple tap, smack or slap will pause music and take a call, or terminate a call and resume music. | The removable belt clip lets you choose what will be the most comfortable way to position your SlapSwitch. | Be sure to check out our Multipurpose Carry Case of iPhone too.  It has a special pocket designed to hold your SlapSwitch.

Cable Length Switch to Headset Adapter = 13"; Switch to Phone = 24"
Noise-Cancelling Mic N/A
Speakers N/A
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Uni – Universal Headset Adapter

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